You need stories for newsletters, publications, websites, even annual reports. But who has time to write the content when you’re dealing with the latest crisis or running your business?

I can help you create the copy you need, whether it’s a series of articles or the content of an entire newsletter.

A sampling of articles I’ve written:

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How to Repurpose Feature Stories

Trying to get more bang for your buck? Feature stories, especially external ones, can have an extended shelf life beyond your website, your newsletters, or as downloadable content. You can repurpose the article or promote like this:

  • Pull out nuggets from the article for a number of social media posts.
  • Edit it down and use it as a blog post.
  • Use as marketing collateral during sales calls or at trade shows.
  • Include it in your press kit.
  • Rewrite it as part of a press release.

If you don’t have the bandwidth to repurpose the article, I can help you with that. Also, if you want me to format the article for print, I can pull in a design firm to take care of that, too.

Featured Article

Girl at Florida school learnis Agile

Scrum Alliance, the largest professional membership and certification organization in the Agile community, asked me to write a story about a workshop led by an Agile coach for students and teachers at a Florida prep school. All interviews took place via Skype. Scrum Alliance later had me write a case study to illustrate the results of the workshop.  View Article

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