If you have a company blog, then you know that it takes time, planning, and insight about your targeted audience to run your blog successfully.

Whether you’re using your blog for some serious inbound marketing or just as a news channel, you have to publish consistently to appear legit.

That’s where I come in. I can write blog posts for you, based on your marketing calendar, using the right keywords, sources, and research. Or if you’ve tasked subject matter experts from your company to write posts, I can edit those.

My areas of expertise are energy efficiency, healthcare and Agile/Scrum, but I may be able to help you with other topics.

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What to Post on Your Blog

Just like other content, your blog is a place where you can repurpose collateral that you already have. You can:

  • Dice up white papers
  • Post an abridged version of an article
  • Add an infographic
  • Just comment on the news of the day.

The trick is to make it relevant to your audience.

Featured Blogging

Image of Capitol dome for energy blog post by Bonnie Nicholls


When the new federal tax bill was signed in 2017, it had an impact on the energy sector. Renew Financial hired me to write a blog post explaining how it impacted the industry that uses PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy). Since then, I have been writing other marketing collateral for Renew Financial.

Read the blog post: PACE and the 2017 Tax Bill

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