Case Studies

Case Studies


Case studies are business success stories that illustrate a customer’s positive experience with your product or service.

What makes them so credible as a marketing  tool is that your customer is willing to go on the record and explain how your product or solution solved a problem for them. Case studies are proof that you’re delivering on your marketing promises.

Case studies I’ve written:

Don’t let the expression “case study” fool you. It may sound dry and stiff, but a well-written case study is a good story, especially when a writer with journalism experience is at the helm.

Case studies are often used when potential customers are considering or deciding on a product or a service. They’ve identified the problem they need solved. Now they need to choose who will help them solve that problem. That’s where a case study can help.

Uses Of Case Studies

You can use case studies in multiple ways by repurposing the content. Here are some possible uses:

  • Put them on your web site.
  • Promote them on social media.
  • Generate leads online.
  • Link to them from banner ads or Google AdWords.
  • Provide them as take-aways at conferences or trade shows.
  • Pitch the media or craft a press release based on the case study.
  • Include in your annual report.
  • Use as testimonials.
  • Create an infographic with the data.

Featured Case Study

Image of case study written by freelance writer Bonnie Nicholls

ZurelSoft, a custom software development company based in San Diego, uses case studies to show that it provides good service and innovative solutions to its clients. I wrote several case studies for them through an agency, Digital Style. For this particular case study, I talked to ZurelSoft’s CEO to get the basic background, then a ZurelSoft client to learn the full story. I also managed the review process.  Read Case Study

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