White Papers

White Papers

As a white paper writer, I’ve heard all sorts of terms used to describe this type of content.

Some people call them reports. Others call them backgrounders or even ebooks. But for the most part, they’re all longer articles, about 6-10 pages, that you use for lead generation or later in the sales cycle, when your customer is deciding whether or not to go with your solution.

White papers I’ve written:

You can see more examples in my portfolio.

I’m a white paper writer who takes a collaborative approach. Ideally, we’ll work together to determine:

  1. The audience you want to target who will benefit the most from your white paper
  2. The solution you offer that solves their biggest problem
  3. The most effective way to present your service or product as a solution without getting all salesy

I’m also happy to help you brainstorm on topics if you’re fresh out of ideas.

How to Promote Your White Paper

You can use your white paper as premium content for an inbound marketing campaign by making it available for download after collecting an email address. You can also include it in a press kit or use it as a take-away at sales calls or trade shows. Or just share it online with no obvious strings attached.

How to Repurpose Your White Paper

To get the most out of your white paper, you can also try doing the following:

  • Pull out nuggets from the white paper for a number of social media posts.
  • Select highlights from the white paper and convert to a blog post.
  • Use the information as an infographic if it includes compelling numbers.
  • Use it to supplement content in a fact sheet.
  • Include it in your press kit.

If you have an idea for a white paper, let’s talk. If you know you want a white paper, but you haven’t figured out a topic yet, that’s fine too. Just contact me to get started.

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Get tips on writing a great white paper so that your targeted audience sees your company as the solution to their biggest problems.

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