Field Notes Blog

Field Notes Blog

January 31, 2017
Image of camper for blog post by Bonnie Nicholls, freelance writer of case studies, white papers and articles.

Managing content is like packing a camper

I recently took a trip in my camper. To make sure everything went smoothly, I made lists of what to bring, gathered stuff, packed the camper, checked off lists, tested equipment, and so on. Planning for content is similar. Without an internal system to track your content, things can get away from you.
January 3, 2017

Top Digital Marketing Terms You Should Know

If you're getting into the digital marketing field or even if you're a content manager, you might appreciate this Digital Marketing Glossary of Terms from the San Diego American American Marketing Association.
December 13, 2016
Photo by Todd Quackenbush for blog post by Bonnie Nicholls

Best Free Tools to Help You Write Content Google Cares About

Writing a blog post that nobody cares about is frustrating, especially when you put so much work into it. Before you throw in the towel, however, try researching whether your blog topic is something Google cares about. Here's how.
October 31, 2016
Image of project management for content blog post by Bonnie Nicholls, San Diego freelance writer

Reviews of Project Management Tools for Content

As a freelancer supporting my clients' content marketing efforts, I'm invited to use their project management tools to track content. Here are reviews of three that I use a lot.
October 20, 2016
Happy face for blog post by Bonnie Nicholls, San Diego freelance writer

Good Freelance Writers Are Professional about Edits

Nobody wants to work with a whiner or an “artiste.” When good freelance writers receive feedback, they're professional about it. Always.