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July 25, 2016
Little girl counting for blog post by Bonnie Nicholls, San Diego freelance writer

Good Freelance Writers Follow Your Word Count

Some freelance writers ignore your word count limits. That's not a good idea, and here's why.
May 23, 2016
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Lessons from Using LexisNexis (The Affordable Version) for Research

As a writer, I use Google search for everything. But Google – even Google Scholar – has its limitations. What can be particularly frustrating is the best sources, often peer-reviewed articles, are behind pay walls. What’s a writer to do? Use an affordable version of LexisNexis.
May 1, 2016
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How I Changed My Branding with One Word

Apparently one word can make a big difference in your branding. I learned that the hard way.
March 7, 2016
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How I Write a Blog Post Fast

I used to labor over blog posts, especially when I wrote for my own blog, which included selecting and editing photos. But now that I write for clients, I’ve developed a process for writing fast.
February 2, 2016
Image for blog post by Bonnie Nicholls on white paper writers

How to Find a Writer for Your White Paper

If your staff writer isn't the best fit for writing a white paper, you may need to hire a freelancer. Here are some tips on finding a writer for your project.