The 4 Laws of Writing a Good Case Study
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What Not to Do When You Write Your White Paper
October 6, 2015
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The 4 Laws of Writing a Good Case Study

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Wondering how to write a good case study? It might be hard to figure out, considering all the shapes and sizes case studies come in, not to mention all the information you’ve probably gathered to write it.

Instead of getting overwhelmed, focus on these four laws of writing a good case study:

Be Straight-Forward and Engaging

While a case study is a marketing tool, it’s not fluffy, over-the-top copy that makes a consumer wonder if you’re selling too hard, like a used-car salesman. Instead, it lays out the facts in a straight-forward yet engaging way. And it reads like any other article that you would read online, written in a journalistic style.

Highlight Benefits First, Features Second

The case study should always show the benefits of a product or service, not just the features, e.g., Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help you scale your business and eliminate the need for additional tech staff vs. technical definitions of the actual platform and computer programming code. You want your potential customers to understand how your product or service can help improve their lives, from saving money, saving time, etc.

Show the Authentic Voice Of Your Customer

The customer that you’ve selected to speak about your service or product is your greatest cheerleader. They want to speak highly of you, and they don’t have to pretend. And they’re not getting paid to be a source either. When they sing your prasies, capture their words in great quotes.

Offer Data, If You Have It

Using data to back up claims is compelling. If a product helps someone save time, how much time? If it saves someone money, how much money? Data also comes in handy for other ways to use a case study.

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