What is your process?

It usually begins with an email from you, where you briefly describe your project. If it sounds like a good fit, then we schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss it in more detail.

At this meeting, we’ll talk about your business goals for the content, the deliverables, timelines, and budget.

We also get to know each other as potential collaborators. Do we click? Do we speak the same marketing language? Will we support each other? This is often just as important as the project itself.

If we think we’re a good match, then I’ll send you a proposal for the work, which includes my fee. If you accept, I’ll send you an invoice for a deposit. And then we go from there.

How much do you charge?

Good question! And the answer is…it depends. I know that can drive a potential client crazy, because you have a budget. You’re asking if what I charge will fit into that budget.

The reason I don’t advertise fees is that every project is different. The primary factors that affect price include word count, number of sources, number of reviewers, number of revisions, amount of research, and timelines.

Also, some content is a bigger project that requires project management and strategy. You’re not just hiring a writer. You’re hiring someone to help guide the project. And that is included in the fee I quote you.

So, back to your question. How much do I charge? I can answer that question when I learn more about your project and submit a proposal.

What else do you write?

While I specialize in case studies, white papers,  and articles, I can write other types of content. I’ve written press releases, sales sheets, web copy, even video scripts. These I may do for you as an add-on to an existing project. But it would be rare for me to take on a project that is just sales sheets or something out of the proverbial wheelhouse.

What’s your experience?

I’m a B2B freelance writer who has produced content for large corporations including SAIC, Leidos, AMN Healthcare, and Renovate America. I’ve also worked for plenty of mid-sized companies. I’ve written about healthcare, green energy, cyber, home design, marketing solutions, you name it.

I began my career as a journalist, working in both print and online. Later I joined the digital communications team of SAIC, a large defense contractor, where I managed the news portion of the intranet home page and led large content projects for almost 10 years.

These days, as a freelance B2B content writer, I stay current on marketing trends by reading industry publications, attending conferences and webinars, and doing agency work. I am a member of the San Diego Press Club and have multiple awards for my work.

Do you have references?

Yes! You are welcome to review my testimonials. I am also happy to provide you with names and contact information of clients who have worked with me and like my work. Just ask!