Does Your White Paper Have to Be Technical?
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October 26, 2015
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Does Your White Paper Have to Be Technical?

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Once upon a time, white papers were used only to explain highly technical data to a technical audience. But that’s a thing of the past. Now you’ll find white papers written by all sorts of industries. And the audience is often the person with the purse strings, the ultimate decision maker, not necessarily a CTO.

I recently researched white papers, and I put myself on email distribution lists of all kinds to download these reports. (An always pleasant surprise was when I didn’t have to give my email address.) In my search, I found white papers on all sorts of things, like these:

Of course, you’ll find plenty of technical white papers out there. But if you offer a service that isn’t super technical, you can still provide a white paper. Just make sure you can identify the primary need of your target audience and ensure you have the solution. If you can do that, that’s half the battle right there.

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