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As a B2B marketing manager, you’re probably running your department leaner than ever. Yet you’re still expected to produce content.

Tweets are one thing. Heftier copy requires a different skill set. Whether it’s a white paper writer you’re after or someone to craft a series of articles, you need someone who can:

  • Cut through the hype and write compelling copy
  • Interview subject matter experts (SMEs) with professionalism and tact
  • Serve as a project manager on big writing projects (like white papers)
  • Offer creative solutions and brainstorm with you
  • Rummage through background material and create order out of chaos
  • Keep you up to date and submit content on time
  • Deliver content that helps you achieve your goals

Hey, that’s me! I’m a former journalist and web junkie with a knack for long-form writing (without being wordy).

I honed my craft by working in the media, on digital communications teams, for agencies, and for B2B marketers in a variety of industries. And I specialize in content like the following:


Freelance writer for hireArticles are content workhorses, telling your company story in so many ways, from news announcements to deep dives on issues that matter to your current and potential customers. They may even go by another name: feature stories or blog posts.

When clients hire me to write articles, I do a happy dance, because it’s so much fun finding out what motivates people, why they love what they do, and how they accomplish their goals.

This holds true whether I’m talking to a company founder, a nurse, or an architect.

All that zeal aside, I take my job seriously as a trained journalist and can promise you that for every article I write, I do the following:

  • Ethically source my research
  • Conduct interviews with professionalism
  • Avoid plagiarism like the plague
  • Turn in well-written, engaging copy that’s easy to understand

Find out more and see samples on my Articles page.

Case Studies

Case study writerCase studies, aka customer success stories, are the second most common piece of content used by B2B content marketers, according to the 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America.

But the good case studies take time, because they usually require customer interviews and approvals.

What if you could outsource this to an experienced case study writer?

As a case study writer, I can help you by:

  • Defining your content goals for the piece, ensuring the case study tells the story with the right messaging
  • Reading background materials and interviewing the customer, saving you and your staff time
  • Writing the case study so it’s factual yet persuasive, showcasing your B2B service or product as the right solution for your customers

Learn more and see samples on my Case Studies page.

White Papers

white paper writing servicesContent marketers love white papers, because studies show that this type of content delivers great leads.

But white papers also require resources and serious time commitments.

Not only that, but you’re looking for a writer who can handle complexity and double as a project manager.

As a white paper writer, I can help you by:

  • Defining all the variables of a white paper, from business goals to headlines, with a white paper action plan. This will keep your project on track and generate the leads you want.
  • Writing the white paper, so you have more time to manage other content tasks in your department.
  • Providing you additional services, such as landing page copy or blog posts derived from the white paper, so you maximize your marketing dollars.

Learn more about my White Paper Writing Services.


freelance blogger needed

A successful blog isn’t about what you want to write; it’s about what your audience needs and is searching for.

As a freelance blogger, I can research your topic, interview sources as needed and write the content.

I’ll also make sure each blog post includes your keywords in the headline, secondary headings and throughout the post.

If you’re still contemplating whether to launch a blog, read my post, Should You Start a Blog?

See samples on my Blogging page.

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