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White papers are a great way to position your company as a thought leader and to generate leads. As a freelance white paper writer, I’d love to help you do that.

White papers are often complicated projects that require someone with the writing chops and project management skills to ensure you get what you want.

Guess what? I do that! I’m a freelance white paper writer with a journalism background,  so I can help tell your story in a compelling, non-salesy way. You’ll come across as an authority, not a used car salesman.

I also help guide the white paper process so it’s a smooth, well-managed project — and completed on time.

White Paper Action Plans

Every white paper needs a good plan to succeed. Before I write your white paper, I create an action plan, based on a conversation with you and key stakeholders, that maps out the following:

  • Target audience
  • Business goals
  • Topic
  • Keywords
  • Samples of white papers you like
  • Subject matter experts you’ll want to use as sources
  • List of reviewers who need to sign off on the white paper
  • Types of resources we’ll use for research
  • Timelines
  • Approach and tone of white paper, e.g., friendly set of tips or suggestions OR a new solution to a problem
  • Potential white paper titles
  • Ideas or key points you’ll want to include
  • Call to action, i.e., what you want readers to do after they read your white paper
  • Proposed white paper fee

This 4- to 5-page action plan serves as a creative brief, and it’s essential to ensuring a successful project. That’s why I ask new clients who want a white paper to start with a white paper action plan.

Once you receive the white paper action plan, we can decide to move ahead with a white paper together. Or feel free to give it to a staff writer or another white paper writer of your choice.

Want to discuss a white paper action plan? Contact me to get started.

White Papers

White papers are an effective content marketing tactic for B2B products and services. They are one of the top six most preferred tactics for B2B marketers, according to the 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America.

They often fall into one of three categories:

  1. a friendly set of tips or suggestions
  2. a new solution to a problem
  3. a deep dive into the features and benefits of a new B2B product or service

White papers range from 6 to 10 pages. The page count is determined by several factors, including complexity of the topic, number of sources used, and amount of research required.

As a freelance white paper writer, I do the following for each white paper:

  • Write executive summary
  • Conduct detailed research
  • Interview subject matter experts
  • Offer suggested pull quotes, sidebars
  • Write footnotes
  • Provide list of sources
  • Do up to 2 revisions
  • Deliver final white paper as a Word document

If you need help with design, I can also connect you with designers who can do the layout for you as well.

Additional White Paper Writing Services

Once you’ve invested in a white paper, you can use it to create additional content to help get the word out. Consider these options:

  • A number of blog posts gleaned from your white paper
  • Landing page copy
  • Infographic
  • Press release

I can write those for you at an additional cost. All content is based on the existing white paper. Contact me for more information.

White Paper Writing Samples

Interested in talking about your white paper? Contact me to get started.


Testimonial image for freelance white paper writer Bonnie Nicholls

“When I work with Bonnie on each project, I get so much more than a competent writer; I get a true partner and collaborator on the project. She is an excellent writing consultant. Whether she’s working on an executive summary or an article, she offers creative ways to present the content that will have the most impact on our readers.”

— Heather Leigh, Public Relations and Communications Director at Scrum Alliance

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