Improve Your Marketing Case Studies with These 3 Tips
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July 25, 2018
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January 4, 2019

Improve Your Marketing Case Studies with These 3 Tips

Want to tell a powerful story with your marketing case study? Use these three tips to show how your clients achieved success with your product your service.

If you have a client who wants to sing your praises by way of marketing case studies, that is great news. Marketing case studies show potential clients the success that your current or former clients have had with your product or service.

Therefore, I’d like to share three tips to help you as you’re putting together your next case study.

1. Don’t hide your success; make it obvious in your case study

Tell your reader up front what success your client achieved. And by that I mean put it in the headline and the subhead.

Whether it’s more website conversions or time saved or more widgets sold, that really needs to be in your headline, because you don’t want to make the reader wait until they get to the very end of your case study, the results section, to see the payoff. They may not read the very end of your case study. So make sure that, at the very top, in the headline, that you tell what success they achieved.

2. Make your marketing case study compelling

You need to grab the reader’s attention and make it a human story. Use quotes from your subject matter experts. You’ll be having interviews with them. You’re gonna get some great quotes.

And share real problems in real language. Stay away from the marketing speak. Make it human, that’s what makes it compelling.

3. Make the data easy to find in your case study

It could be, again, widgets sold or revenue, increased revenue, increased website conversions, time saved, whatever it is, you need to make it easy for the reader to find in your marketing case study.

So put it in call-outs. Put it in tables and graphs. Whatever it is, make sure the data stands out because you worked hard for it.

Marketing case studies are all about success. And if you follow these three tips, you will help make that success stand out. Get more tips in my blog post 5 Tips for Writing Great B2B Case Studies,

Need help with a marketing case study?

I’d love to help you tell your client success stories. Let’s talk about your project!

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