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Case studies, aka customer success stories, are one of the most valuable influencer content formats used by B2B content marketers, according to a 2019 Demand Gen report.

But as a content manager, you might not have the time to write these yourself. Or your staff might be too busy.

What if you could outsource this to an experienced case study writer?

As a case study writer, I can help you add case studies to your content mix by doing the following:

  • Defining your content goals for the piece, ensuring the case study tells the story with the right messaging
  • Reading background materials and researching the topic
  • Interviewing the customer, saving you and your staff time
  • Writing the case study so it’s factual yet persuasive, showcasing your B2B service or product as the right solution for your customers

What makes case studies so credible as a marketing tool is that your customer is willing to go on the record and explain how your product or solution solved a problem for them. Case studies are proof that you’re delivering on your marketing promises.

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Case Study Tips

Want to know how to improve your case studies? Here are some quick tips:

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Image of Terrence Morrissey, who wrote a testimonial for freelance writerBonnie Nicholls

“Bonnie wrote a case study for us in record time. She struck just the right tone, offered us several headline options, and provided text for call-outs and sidebars that our designer could easily incorporate. We were so pleased with the results, we asked her to right a press release based on the case study. I would hire her again in a flash.”

— Terrence Morrissey, Director of Sales, Thin Film Electronics

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Case Study Checklist

Case Study Checklist


Use this checklist to verify that you’re ready to start writing a case study.

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